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I am seeking opportunities in communications, public relations, arts & education marketing, graphic/web design, writing, photography and music. I am interested in all aspects of content and design for print and web.


Since beginning my design career over a decade ago, I have worked on numerous print and web projects for colleges, arts organizations, schools, non-profits, and sole proprietors including the University of Washington, Shoreline Community College, Cascade Bicycle Club, The Burke Museum, Origin Arts, Gender Odyssey, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Music Works Northwest, The Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra, and others.

My skills include graphic design, web design, communication strategy, public relations, and arts marketing, plus WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS/JS, photography, writing and music. I have created content and design for blogs, newspapers, books, websites, photography exhibits, and promotional collateral.


I have a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Music—I’ve been involved in the arts for over 30 years as a professional musician and music educator. I’ve come to regard a degree in Journalism as the “road not taken” when I was younger, so in this chapter of my life, I’m reinventing my career with a focus on writing, digital media and communications. I am currently enrolled in the UW Certificate in Strategic Communications & Public Relations at the University of Washington. I also continue to take classes in design, photography, writing, language and music.

My experience, both as a designer and a jazz musician, gives me the ability to create and excel in challenging, dynamic situations: I’m comfortable working in diverse settings with a variety of people; I am capable of working independently and as a member of a team; and I have excellent communication and organizational skills. I am a self-motivated, life-long learner with a strong sense of humor, discipline, curiosity. and attention to detail.


cynthia mullisWhen not immersed in web design work and study, I like to be physically active. I have run half-marathons in Maui, Palm Springs, Vancouver B.C., and Seattle. I am indulging my enthusiasm for Triathlon, long-distance bicycling, and open-water swimming. I’m originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I lived in San Francisco and New York City for many years. My friends will tell you that I’m intelligent, eclectic, reliable, and pretty darn funny. I’m a professional saxophonist and an active participant in the Seattle jazz scene. Please visit Analog Honking Device for more info.