Burke Museum: Truth vs Twilight

This website offers a counter narrative to The Twilight Saga's stereotypical representations of race, class, and gender, and resources for a more meaningful understanding of Native American life and culture. I worked on an internship basis with Dr. Deana Dartt-Newton, Curator of Native American Ethnology, plus staff, faculty and graduate students at the Burke Museum of Natural History, to create a site used by the museum’s large constituency.

What I did:
▪ Analyzed user needs & site objectives
▪ Worked with Curator to create a concept development strategy
▪ Developed info architecture, content structure & wire frames
▪ Created visual design & photographic elements
▪ Hand-coded XHTML, CSS & PHP templates
▪ Uploaded & formatted content
▪ Coordinated with museum staff to test & launch site

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