This site is an e-commerce website created as a UX/UI study for the User-Centered Design class at SCCC. It is also an exercise in Javascript & jQuery and incorporates eleven applied jQuery techniques.

As a professional musician, Saxology is what I'd imagine the perfect saxophone-oriented music store to be.

What I did:
▪ Analyzed user needs & site objectives
▪ Developed info architecture & wire frames
▪ Created visual design & graphic elements
▪ Designed shopping cart & wire frames
▪ Created jQuery slideshow banners
▪ Coded js/jQuery elements into XHTML pages
▪ Hand-coded XHTML, CSS & PHP templates
▪ Developed a working proto-site mockup

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case study (pdf) →
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Home Page

Home Page

Wireframe: Home Page

Wireframe: Home

Category Page: Saxes >> Altos

Category Page

Wireframe: Category Page

Wireframe: Category Page

Product Listing Page: Alto Saxes >> Selmer Ref 54

Product Listing

Wireframe: Product Listing

Wireframe: Listing

Product Detail: Selmer Paris Reference 54

Product Detail

Wireframe: Product Detail

Wireframe: Product Detail

Shopping Cart


Wireframes: Shopping Cart


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